Landscape Design with Nature in Mind

Bringing nature home since 2003...

Ecological Landscape Consultation and Designs

Designing gardens that:

  • Blend in with the natural environment
  • Attract birds & butterflies
  • Enhance and restore wildlife habitat
  • Require less maintenance
  • Promote organic methods for good health

Installation & Project Management

We ensure that your garden is installed carefully for long-term success & according to design intent.

  • Special care is taken to select the healthiest plants, prepare the soil organically & install your plants correctly.
    • Negative impacts from poor installation or short-cuts are often not apparent until several years later when the contractor is no longer liable or around.
  • Any necessary plant substitutions are always made in a manner to capture the colors, texture, height, fragrance & purpose of the original plant material.
  • Incorporating new ideas during the construction process can make a wonderful plan even more special!