Designing Gardens for Wildlife

Mow less and enjoy your yard more! Trade a boring lawn for an oasis filled with birdsong, colorful butterflies and other enchanting wildlife. Discover why native plants are the key to creating a successful and beautiful habitat garden. Learn how to design a garden that will provide year-round food and shelter to attract and benefit wildlife, and add natural beauty to your landscape.

Gardening is for the Birds

Bring a choir of birdsong and the joyful fluttering of wings into your backyard when you create gardens that offer your winged friends a must-visit invitation. Learn the design secrets to bird nirvana and draw from a colorful palette of native plants that will bring the birds home all year long.

Attracting Butterflies to your Backyard 

Create a butterfly garden that lights up your landscape with color in motion. Cater to their special needs and you'll be rewarded with the flutter of fragile wings. Learn what butterflies need and how native plants can bring butterflies dancing through your gardens.

Simple Steps to a Safe Lawn

Let your children & pets run free over your lawn without worries.  Discover safe and simple techniques for growing a healthy, organic  lawn. Use less water, less fertilizer and control weeds and pests without toxic chemicals. Explore alternatives to large lawnscapes and ways to increase enjoyment of your property with less effort.

Beautiful Solutions for Shade Gardens

Are your shady spaces boring or barren? Learn how to combine shade-loving native and sustainable plants in a variety of shapes, foliage textures, and sizes to create a beautiful, soothing, and easy-care  environment.  Enjoy all of your garden, not just the sunny spots by adding plants that survive and thrive in shady places.

Designing Gardens for Four Seasons 

How can you enjoy your landscape longer? Pick plants that will give you a bigger bang for the buck! Discover a palette of native and sustainable trees and shrubs that offer spring and summer blooms, superior autumn foliage, colorful twigs, peeling bark, & attractive fruit. Bring all-season beauty and berries to your gardens and enjoy bonus bird-watching.

Playful Gardening

Do you have a favorite child in your life or a great sense of play? Add humor, whimsy, and character to your gardens and make them uniquely yours.  Bring smiles to faces young and old, capture a child's curiosity, stimulate the imagination, and encourage a lifelong love of gardening.